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Driver CPC Module 2
Case Studies
Driver CPC Module 4
Practical Demonstration
These official DSA step-by-step videos show what is required to be successful in the LGV CPC case study and practical demonstration tests. Find out what to expect from questions relating to those tests.

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Driver CPC Module 2 - Individual Case Studies - Test Duration 1.5 hours

7 real life scenario case studies with 6-8 questions with a pass mark of 40 out of 50

This module can be undertaken at the same test centres as module 1

What training do we provide
We provide online training with around 30 different case study scenarios and hundreds of questions for you to practice with. The system keeps track of all the different tests you attempt so that you can judge when you feel ready to take the real thing.

In addition to the online training we can also provide a comprehensive CPC Mod 2 training CD that will help get you through the Module 2 exam 1st time. With many example case study examples and powerpoint slide shows this is the perfect way to prepare for the test. The cost of this training CD is only £16.99. Just click on the image below to purchase.
Please note this is only for LGV NOT PCV

Driver CPC Module 4 - Practical Demonstration Test - Duration 0.5 hours

This test is done at the driving test centre. Candidates arrive with a vehicle which they use to demonstrate the answers to the questions asked by the examiner. You will also be asked to demonstrate your knowledge of load securing using a demo trolley as shown below.

Practical test assessing the candidates knowledge and ability in the following areas.

Loading the vehicle with due regard for safety rules and proper vehicle use.

Ensuring security of the vehicle and its contents

Preventing criminality and trafficking of illegal immigrants

Assessing emergency situations

Preventing physical risk

Carrying out a vehicle safety check

The above is classified into 5 topic areas with a pass mark of 15% out of a maximum of 20% in each topic area and an overall score 80%

What training do we provide
The training is done in a morning using both the test vehicle and our load securing trolley shown above. The test is taken at the local DSA test centre that same afternoon.

Watch The Following Video Completely and Dowload the Questions Before Attending the Training

Click here To View or Download the complete set of Module 4 questions