car and trailer training

Car and Trailer Training (Cat B+E)- 499.00

car and trailer training

Who Needs this Course
If you passed the car test on or after 1st January 1997 you need to take a Category B+E test to tow a trailer that is allowed to weigh more than 750Kgs fully laden.

What is Included in the Price

  • Free Trial Drive
  • 3 days car and trailer training (12 hours driver training)
  • DSA Cat B+E Test Fee
  • Modern Company owned Vehicles. We are NOT a Training broker
  • Discount if you choose to use your own vehicle
Do you need to apply for a special licence
No. Provided you already hold a full UK car licence you will already have the provisional entitlement on the paper part of your licence. You are all ready to begin training.

What is Included in the Driving Test
The test is conducted at a HGV test centre. The standard required to pass is far higher than for an ordinary car test and includes the following elements.
  • Ability to undertake safety checks on your vehicle and trailer
  • An off road reversing exercise around a course marked by traffic cones
  • An off road controlled stop exercise
  • 50 minutes road test incorporating many aspects of the HGV driving test
  • Demonstration of coupling and uncoupling the trailer
Training Locations
We now run the driving courses from 2 locations in Essex.
  • Basildon
  • Chelmsford
Booking & Payment Details
You pay a deposit of 199.00 to book a course of car and trailer training lessons. This can be done by clicking on the Paypal image below or by contacting our booking centre on 0843 289 8157. We then arrange a test appointment and organise your training dayes. The balance is payable 7 days before the training commences.
car trailer training